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Free Samples

There are demo movies of the current title packs available on the Templates page, but a good way to get a feel for how custom titles could work for you is to grab ten similar titles for free. As part of my work with, I’ve created a set of 10 titles in a variety of styles. They’re free to download and very suitable for use in real projects, royalty free, and though they aren’t as customizable as my newer work, they should still be useful.

You will need a copy of Final Cut Pro X for the titles to work, and installation will be a little easier if you also have Motion 5. However, it’s not required, and a script is included to create the necessary folders if you don’t have, or have never used, Motion. Download and preview here:

The pack includes these templates:

Note: none of these templates are for sale here. They are all exclusive to Enjoy!