| inexpensive HD motion graphics

PLEASE NOTE: This site is dormant, and the content is currently out of date. With luck, it will be relaunched in early 2017. provides inexpensive royalty-free HD motion graphics templates you can use immediately within Final Cut Pro.

We produce finished templates — mostly lower thirds Master templates — that you can use directly in Final Cut Pro without further tweaking. HD 1080p, 1080i, 720p and SD resolutions at PAL or NTSC frame rates, 16:9 or 4:3 title safe — no problem.

Screenshot of the Canvas's Video tab in Final Cut Pro

Understandably, you may have quite specific needs. Maybe you want to use a specific logo, colour or font? Our templates are not locked down, so if you know the basics of Apple's Motion you can just open up the template and change colors, timings and more on your own. If you don't know Motion — no problem. We can customise any of our templates (for a small fee) to accommodate custom timings, fonts, colours and/or logos.

We can also provide pre-rendered QuickTime movies for use with Avid or another editing system.

This is a supported, popular workflow — if you've used After Effects with Avid (for example) you've probably done this. However, as we have to render each title individually and send much larger files, costs are higher and turnaround will be slightly longer.

One template can cover every lower third in your show.

How? The magic of Master Templates, found in Final Cut Pro 6, part of Final Cut Studio 2. With our templates, you don't even have to open Motion; you can enter your own text within Final Cut Pro. Easier than LiveType, far more professional than the built-in titles, no external files to manage. Using a Master Template is as easy as using the Text generator:

Motion, part of Final Cut Studio, is a powerful tool for HD animation and text generation. It's comparable to After Effects; stronger in some ways and slightly weaker in others, but integrated much more tightly to Final Cut Pro.

More complex projects such as opening sequences, credit rolls and more are also available — just ask for a quote.

Bonus: Free Scripts for Motion + Illustrator Users

One last thing: if you're looking for a quick way to export Illustrator's layers as separate PDF files (handy for animation) you might like to download this "Save Layers as PDF" script. If you would prefer a way to save every simple path (not compound paths) in your Illustrator file as a Motion shape, you're looking for this "Save All Paths as Motion Shapes" script.

Each script should be placed in "/Applications/Illustrator CS*/Presets/[language]/Scripts/" and then used from File > Scripts. Please note that the Motion shapes produced are not regular Motion files and should be imported into your project through the file browser.

These scripts were created by me but based on others' work; credits are included in each file. Free to redistribute so long as they are not sold. The extra-special Motion shape magic was originally created by the fine people at