Here, you'll find a variety of different formats you can try with your system, for free. If you like them, please take them and use them. An attribution is required if used in a production that has credits.

Samples are of the Template "3D Projection", previewed here:

Sample Motion Templates (strongly recommended for Final Cut Pro; also install the font linked below)

Important: you'll also need the free font "Share". Download it from TYPO3, then double-click to install. Standard definition files are available on request.

Sample QuickTime Movies (for non-Final Cut Pro systems; do not use these with Final Cut Pro)

These movies use the Animation codec with Alpha channel. On Avid, be sure to Invert Alpha as you import. Alpha channel is premultiplied with Black. Due to their large size, these files are shorter (150 frames) than normal, but should be enough to test with. Yes, these movies are all progressive scan, which should be OK for most purposes (but not for credit scrolls/crawls).